quinta-feira, 28 de junho de 2012


Elipses fail hammer while following Scott Robertson's dvd, 2h of elipses there ¬.¬ front and rear of all those papers but I'm too lazy to take 2 shots
daily 15 seconds gestures
Some Sexy Loomis from , first referencing and then from imemory This one took me longer than the male one so yeah, only one =(
And finally some sketches over the imagination gesture practice at night, trying to apply some design, maybe more like chaotic randomness...

thats all for today...

quarta-feira, 27 de junho de 2012

Some studies

 2h study, wanted to pick the shapes on the eye and how the bony structure blends in with the flesh. pretty much a fail color and texture wise
 Some gestures 15sec, 30 sec and 30min pixelovely trainer

 some work over a sketch, gotta work my animal anatomy...

terça-feira, 26 de junho de 2012

fundamentals please

Well, after the chow fail whale I decided to work on my fundamentals more, that means working my ass off that Loomis man thingy and lots of rendering since my rendering skills got bogged down by my lack of commitment...

So started off the loomis book ("figure drawing for all it's worth"), which I do have for a while now (like 2-3 months?) but I never really got past the first figure there XD. SINCE I'M IN AN ART RAMPAGE, I DECIDED TO DO IT, HARDCORE, and shit a color study at the end, just to give it the bitch slap in the end

                   1h 15 min color study? trying to create some textured brushes in the process

Saturday evening slacky Edward Hopper master study, around 1h 30min

Nearly a CHOW entry =(

Process from thumbnailing to tight lines on CA's Character Of The Week 

The Topic this week was to design The Keymaster

My idea was that each element was represented by a mask holding the key (still bound by the golden chain though). 

 I ended up screwing around too much putting on details on the masks designs and stuff that I didn't have time to finalize it =(
Also I noticed that I couldn't render it out as simple as it looks like... (I couldn't paint the face for some reason)
Guess I have to study more and maybe I'll come back to this if I feel it's worthy!

lol and some crappy comp thumbs